ERP Implementation

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ERP Consulting

Anyone who has been through ERP integration knows that the chosen system contributes to less than 50% of the success of the overall project. Having the right team in place has more impact on success than any other factor. PEAK OFFICE SOLUTION Professionals has been focusing on ERP consulting since 2010. Our strong individual skill sets combined with our fast and efficient Software House Sure Step implementation methodology make us one of the strongest teams in the field.


Best Practices

You want people on your team who have both experience and credentials. PEAK OFFICE SOLUTION Professionals brings industry best practices to all of our engagements. We employ individuals with strong skill sets in the areas of accounting, production and inventory management, distribution, service, engineering, sales, purchasing, and quality management.

We’re your ERP Doctors

When you’re current ERP system needs some medical attention, turn to our PEAK OFFICE SOLUTION Professionals team! We’ve developed a reputation for helping out with ERP emergencies – we’re the resident Dynamics Doctors! We feel honored to help companies with their ERP needs. Some companies seek our services to system and make recommendations. Other companies partner with us to provide ongoing service to their system after experiencing unsatisfactory results elsewhere. PEAK OFFICE SOLUTION Professionals is a featured ERP consultant on ERP Software Advice.

Not getting enough attention from your current partner? Pick up the phone. Or fill out our contact form. Our ERP consultants eagerly await your call. And we can also talk to you about best ERP practices for your business – ask about our ERP process consulting.
If you’re in the midst of an ERP emergency, check out our ERP support services.

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