The Department of PEAK ENGINEERING is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace which is safe, where risks to the health of its employees are minimized, and to promote good practice in health and safety management.

The Head of Department has primary responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of all staff within the Department and any Worker, visitors or other persons affected by the actions of the Department.  Head of Department may delegate some of this responsibility to Heads of Divisions and through them to supervisors, line managers and Working staff.

The formulation and review of Departmental health and safety policy and the monitoring of health and safety requirement, implementation and performance is the responsibility of the Departmental Safety Committee.


All Department of Engineering staff, Workers and visitors have a responsibility to:

  • take reasonable care for their own safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts and omissions
  • use equipment, chemicals and protective devices safely
  • be aware of legal requirements and follow Organization and Departmental procedures relevant to their work
  • co-operate with their supervisors or line management to ensure a healthy and safe workplace
  • bring to the immediate attention of supervisors, line managers or Safety Officer any safety matters of concern
  • report all accidents, incidents and workplace hazards
    • only undertake tasks for which appropriate authorization and/or training has been given


Department of Engineering supervisors and line managers have a responsibility to ensure that:

  • they have the skills and knowledge to meet their health and safety responsibilities
  • training, information, instruction and supervision is provided to ensure that work undertaken complies with all legal requirements, and Organization or Departmental health and safety procedures
  • the safety of the individual is, at all times, paramount and no one in managerial or supervisory position is to permit any unsafe practice, operation or experiment
  • all hazards/risks in the workplace are identified and controlled
  • suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is supplied to staff, Workers and visitors if the hazard has not been controlled adequately by other means


The Department has established safe work procedures as an extension of the Health and Safety Policy.   These can be accessed through the Departmental Website.

All incidents involving personal injury, material loss, equipment damage or unsafe acts will be reported to and investigated by line management and /or the Safety Office.

Comprehensive fire and emergency procedures are in place throughout the Department.  All areas of the Department will have designated Fire Wardens who will ensure the rapid and complete evacuation of the building in any emergency and monitor the condition of local escape routes and fire equipment.  The fire alarm systems within Departmental buildings are regularly tested and an evacuation drill is undertaken annually.

The Department will provide an adequate number of suitably qualified first aiders and sufficient first aid equipment and supplies, taking into account where specific hazards exist.

Line management will ensure that all new staff (temporary, permanent, part or full-time) and visitors undergo an induction process that includes an explanation of the Departmental Health and Safety Policy, specific instructions such as fire precautions and evacuation procedures, the location of first aid facilities, and all safety arrangements that are relevant to the work of the new employee/visitor.  All new staff will be given a copy of the Departmental Health and Safety Policy.

The Department understands that specific safety training may be required for new and existing employees, particularly after a change in role or introduction of new procedures.

Regular tours and inspections will be undertaken by the Safety Office, Local Safety Coordinators and other interested parties to monitor health and safety performance within the Department.  Relevant findings will be reported to the Safety Committee and the Head of Department.