We Offer Quick Books is probably the most popular small business accounting / management software. It can track all your business expenses and income and give you a clear picture of where your business is going. Quick Books includes modules like inventory management, payroll management, vendor management, invoices management. Quick Books is not only for experienced accountants, it can be used by absolute novice management users who want to manage their businesses but can’t afford services of a dedicated accountant. The start screen gives a very good overview of what you have to do in order to enter data. For example, after creating and sending an invoice, the next logical step is to receive the payments and then record the deposits. All this is done using the homepage which arranges everything in a logical manner. Here’s the screenshot of the homepage of my company created in Quick Books:

We offer Peachtree 2010 , for small business like trading, manufacturing, services and maintenance and many more.

Peachtree 2010 has some great new features.  Some, like the new transaction history list, sales history by item, and opening multiple companies will make Peachtree easier to use.  Others, like scheduled backups and enhanced passwords will help keep your data more secure.

Take a look at the table below to see what features have been added to each flavor of Peachtree 2010.  Click on the feature to get more information on what that feature can do for you.

    1. Association Management
    2. Audit Firm Solution
    3. Backup Services
    4. Blinds / Windows Manufacturing Solution
    5. Chemical Manufacturing
    6. Chemical / Dyes/ Parts Solution
    7. Cost Accounting
    8. Cotton Solution
    9. Dashboard Reporting
    10. Data Rescue & Recovery Services
    11. Distribution Network
    12. Dyeing Solution
    13. Electronics Solution
    14. Fleet Management
    15. Hosting & Email services
    16. Medicine Pharmacy Solution
    17. Medicine Retail Solution
    18. Medicine Whole Sales Solution
    19. Mobile Phone Solution
    20. Oil Brokerage Solution, Online Store
    21. Payroll (Bio Metric)
    22. Petroleum Station Management and Automation
    23. Pharma Manufacturing
    24. Point Of Sale
    25. Sales Control Online
    26. Security Management Solutions
    27. SMS Services
    28. Spinning Solution
    29. Store / Warehouse Management
    30. Weaving Solution
    31. Web Design
    32. Workshop Management