The Company regards the promotion and implementation of Health and Safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees. Therefore, the Company's policy is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare of all its employees. The Company shall abide by statutory regulations and do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent injury or damage to any persons or property, including the public, so far as they contact the Company or its products.

Integrated policy on quality, occupational health & safety, environment, energy management, and climate change. The Management of Peak Corporate Solutions firmly focused on the following:

1. Provide and maintain safe plants, machinery, people, and work systems.

2. Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

3.  Provide all necessary information, instruction, training, and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.

4.  Provide health and safety arrangements for safely using, handling, and transporting articles and substances.

5.  Make all necessary safety devices and protective equipment.

6.  Establish and document the precautions required for safe working.

7.  Consult with employee representatives on all matters that affect their Health, Safety, and Welfare and provide expert advice where necessary.

8.  Review and develop the policy on an annual basis.

9.  Promote safe behavior by encouraging management to lead by example. Additionally, all "Employees" must:

10.  Co-operate by reporting incidents, working safely and efficiently, following procedures, assisting investigations, and using equipment for their protection.

11.  Maximizing its social contribution to the local communities in which it operates.

12.  Contributing to the country's sustainable growth and reducing its energy footprint in all the activities of Peak Corporate Solutions.

13.  Protecting the environment and reducing environmental impacts by operating with responsibility.

14.  Providing a safe workplace and continuously promoting occupational health and safety for employees and partners, including customers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, business associates, and visitors.

15.  The main goal is "No accidents and no occupational illness."

16.  Continually improve its environmental & energy performance by using power responsibly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to reduce the carbon footprint, actively engaging with trade and public bodies to develop and implement best practices.

17.  Peak Corporate Solutions sets systematic and periodic monitoring of measurable continuous improvement targets for quality, environment, and occupational health & safety, effectively contributing to achieving all objectives. There is an absolute commitment to providing any available information and necessary resources to accomplish all the goals above.

18.  Report Transparent, timely reporting and thorough investigation of all quality, health & safety, and environmental. Follow the designated procedure for incident response and consistently apply appropriate corrective and preventive measures to prevent the reoccurrence of incidents.

19.  Communicating all Health and Safety issues to all stakeholders openly and with transparency.