Peak Corporate Solutions is one of Pakistan's leading human resource services providers and general order suppliers. It began operation into Terminal container stuffing, de-stuffing, Port Ship Lashing Man, and loading-unloading. It covered technical staff, official staff, finance staff, janitorial staff, human resources services, and catering services. After that, our passion and focused approach has helped us to enter and cater to various industries.


We aim to provide the best staffing solution to our clients. We also believe in shaping the careers of our candidates and offering them suitable jobs of their choice.


As a provider of port dock ship lashing manpower supplier services, we supply qualified and skilled lashing staffing to assist with container securing operations at ports and docks. Here's an overview of our services: Identify and recruit skilled lashing personnel with experience and expertise in container-securing techniques. This may include sourcing from local labor markets, conducting interviews, and assessing their qualifications and proficiency. Our client provides Training and Certification to ensure that the lashing human resources you supply are appropriately trained and certified in areas such as container lashing techniques, safety protocols, and equipment operation. Provide training programs or verify the qualifications of the personnel you supply. We ensure that the lashing workforce you provide adheres to safety regulations and follows industry best practices. Emphasize the importance of maintaining a safe working environment and complying with port and dock regulations. Coordinate with clients to understand their equipment and tool requirements for lashing operations. Ensure that the lashing personnel you supply have the tools and equipment to perform their tasks effectively.

We offer on-site supervision and management of the lashing personnel to ensure efficient coordination and adherence to client requirements. This includes monitoring performance, providing guidance, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during operations.

Emergency Response and Support: Have contingency plans and the ability to respond swiftly to any emergencies or unforeseen situations related to lashing operations. Provide support and assistance in managing emergency scenarios, if required. We stay updated with the specific port regulations and procedures associated with lashing operations. Ensure that the lashing workforce you supply follows all protocols and guidelines set by the port authorities.

By providing a reliable and skilled lashing workforce, you can assist ports, docks, and shipping companies ensure cargo containers' safe and efficient securing during loading and unloading operations.